Why Cloud Hosting is Undeniably Better

Should you get hit by a disaster, a lack of proper data backup could mean the end of your business. A data backup strategy should be part of every business’ contingency plan. Here is why the cloud is better than any other option:

Better Data Availability

Backing up to an internal drive or an external hard drive won’t completely secure your data. If someone steals your computer, a natural disaster occurs, or if any employee makes a mistake, your backups could be lost or destroyed. Thankfully this is not an issue with cloud-hosted backups. The entire purpose of a cloud backup is to make sure your data is available when you need it. You can find cloud service providers that offer redundancy, which means they will make a backup of your backups. This increases optimum levels of data availability and uptime.

Distributed Infrastructure

Selecting the right type of cloud hosting partner for your company is as important as having a cloud backup plan in the first place. If users that are miles apart try to access the database or download applications through your business website, latency will become a factor. The closer the user is to the data, the faster they’ll be able to access information. A suitable cloud hosting partner will be able to provide backup servers at the location that best suits your company’s business needs.

Frequent Backups

Most businesses update information throughout the day, so it’s important to have a real-time backup plan ready in case an unexpected disaster occurs. When you backup data to the cloud, you don’t have to worry about managing the frequency of your backups. Cloud-hosted providers offer fixed backup frequencies or let you set your own backup schedule. You can even have them backup your files as you make changes, so you’ll know that the very latest version of files and data are always available.

Resource Provisioning

When backups are being implemented, spikes in user activity or cloud environment accessibility can rise rapidly and slow down a website or other running systems. Thankfully, cloud hosting providers monitor user activities, so they can see spikes either before or as they are happening. In response, the provider will provision more resources and virtual machines to manage the influx of users. This type of flexibility is particularly useful for when data backups are in progress.

Companies everywhere are utilizing cloud backup solutions. If you’re looking for a managed cloud backup service to protect your business data, call Grade A today to see how we can help.

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