When Should Your Business Migrate to the Cloud?

We all go through it. Should we do it, should we not? The “what-ifs” are endless. This same thought process applies to deciding when to migrate your business to the cloud. There are many things to consider before taking the plunge. Consider these factors compiled by Ottawa IT services to determine when the time is right for you.


Before you migrate your business to the cloud, you should assess where your business currently stands in terms of:

  • How you use current applications and how they function
  • How loading times will affect your company’s use
  • What solutions are available to you
  • What is the long term plan for your company


Current Applications

One of the most important factors is analyzing how your current applications function within your business and then identifying if they would work the same on the cloud or if the loading times are going to be a factor. Will you have degrade the current versions of the applications you are using or can you determine the cloud infrastructure that best suits your needs? This answer will be different for every business, but as cloud technology improves even these legitimate concerns will no longer apply.



When mentioned above that you need to assess where your business currently stands and where it plans to go, that determines what cloud solutions will work best for your company. There are many cloud solutions available so it is best to pick one that gives you what you need and that is customizable to your business. Consider cloud solutions that have competitive services as far as storage, capacity, access for multiple people, and pricing. Ottawa IT services like Grade A can help you determine which package is the best for your needs now, and moving forward.


Moving Forward

Speaking of moving forward, you need to have a long term plan when deciding to migrate to the cloud. If you have goals of expanding your business, you want a cloud that can grow with your company. You don’t want to migrate to cloud services from the cheapest bidder only to realize they don’t serve your company’s needs going forward.


So, when should your business migrate to the cloud? When you want to make things easier for your business on an IT standpoint, making everything more accessible, even when you aren’t at the office. When you have assessed your business and know what you want and where you want to go. With the right planning, you could save yourself a lot of time and money down the road.

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