COVID-19 in Canada: Can Your Business Handle an All-Staff Quarantine?

Business continuity. It’s a term that most often comes to mind when we think about events like security breaches, natural disasters, network outages, fires and more taking down our infrastructure. Often, businesses will have a broad plan in place that outlines which resources will be leveraged, should it be unsafe for the business to continue operating from its regular location. In most cases, business owners have a “plan for the worst, but hope for the best” mindset surrounding this.  

The COVID-19 or coronavirus epidemic has thrown wrench into traditional business continuity planning around the world. Think about it—does your business continuity plan account for entirely remote operations, or a scenario where employees can’t work in the same space? If your business is anything like the many who are scrambling to create protocols and processes to address the escalating COVID-19 epidemic, you probably haven’t adequately prepared your IT resources to handle implications that this situation may have in the coming weeks or months.

The spread of COVID-19 within Canada presents a very real possibility that all employees will need to work remotely in order to limit exposure to the virus. Many businesses are ordering any employees who have recently traveled to impacted destinations to self-quarantine for days or weeks. Presumably, over the coming weeks and months the virus will affect workers and employers throughout the country.

From an IT perspective, there are several critical steps to take when setting up your entire workforce for this worst-case scenario. As we like to say, it’s never as easy as sending employees home with their laptops and hoping for the best. However, if you leverage your technology in the right way and take proper precautions—your team can operate as smoothly as ever all while minimizing health risks.

On Wednesday, March 25th, join Grade A’s Chief Operating Officer, Chantalle LeFriend, for an informative webinar outlining essential steps to prepare your IT resources and business continuity plan for the potential escalation of COVID-19 in Canada.

Taking lessons learned from Grade A’s all-staff quarantine drill, we’re sharing critical resources and steps involving… 

  • Asset management
  • Remote work set-ups
  • Remote data access
  • …and more! 

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