Transform Your Smartphone into a PC with Windows 10 Mobile

Last fall Microsoft announced the end of the road for the Windows Phone. In its place is Windows 10 Mobile, an extension of the rollout of Windows 10 earlier this year. The Windows 10 universe is designed to provide a seamless experience across devices: your desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, and even Xbox, Surface Hub, and HoloLens.

Windows 10 Mobile has a lot of awesome features – universal apps, notification syncs, an intuitive keyboard, improvements on the fantastic Lumia camera app, and Edge, a completely overhauled browser. However the most exciting feature of Windows 10 Mobile is Continuum, which transforms your smartphone into a fully functioning PC.

Windows 10 Mobile – Continuum

With Continuum, you can use your compatible smartphone as a desktop computer. All you need to do is hook your smartphone up to an external display and connect to a keyboard and mouse via Bluetooth. Voila – your phone is now a tiny but fully functioning PC. Your device automatically recognizes the peripherals and scales up to desktop mode to accommodate, including the Taskbar and Start Menu. When your display or peripherals are unplugged, the device gives you the option to switch to touch input instead. The same function occurs if you are using a tablet powered by Windows 10.

What You Can Do With Continuum

Anything you can do on a desktop is available to you. Run Microsoft Office, stream video, browse the internet – everything is available in a full-screen environment with no compromises. Use the keyboard for standard shortcuts, like copy/pasting data in Excel, or use the mouse for precise control that isn’t quite possible in a clunky touch environment.

Dual-Screen Feature

You might be thinking this sounds great, but what if I want to use my phone as a phone? If you get a phone call or text message, you can respond to the call or type a response message without affecting or interrupting what you’re displaying on the external screen. In fact, you can continue you use your phone independently even with the desktop function enabled on the external display. For example, you can refine your quarterly presentation in PowerPoint or analyze data in Excel while your kids watch YouTube videos on your phone, or vice versa.

True Mobile Computing

Windows 10 Mobile has the capacity to revolutionize business computing. Imagine travelling across continents and having everything you need for the big meeting contained in your pocket. You can tinker with your documents and collaborate with colleagues until the second before you start and sync across devices. Arrive at your destination, plug into a display, and get to work with no compromised performance or productivity. Windows 10 Mobile’s Continuum is just the start of a very exciting new phase of mobile computing.

Windows 10 Mobile is already live on first-party launch devices (the Lumia 550, 950, and 950 XL), while a rollout to all existing devices will begin in mid-December and continue through early 2016.

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