Top Tech Trends to Watch in 2014

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Wearable Tech: Smartwatch

Grade A Field Services Technician and resident tech-junkie Adam Gorgerat shares his thoughts on upcoming tech trends for 2014.

2014 is going to be a big year for technology. From 3D printing technology for business, new entertainment options at home and everything between, the possibilities are endless. Over the past few months, we’ve started to see new products emerge just in time for the holiday season.

Wearable Tech

Wearable tech may be the most controversial thing to come to market in 2014. From watches to glasses or even shoes, these smart devices have been making headway for the past year. These devices work with your smartphone to keep you updated throughout the day and can even track things like exercise and health stats. Of all the wearable technology on the market, Google Glass is by far the most talked about. This technology allows you to record and share what you are seeing with thousands of people online all at once and in an instant.

Home Entertainment 

In 2014, the way we interact with videogame consoles and home entertainment systems will completely change. We’re seeing TV prices drop significantly, and Microsoft and Sony game consoles being used as whole living room entertainment devices. This is not a new idea, but with some of the devices coming to market you will have the ability to record TV shows and even share your likes over social networking sites.

There is also the highly anticipated Steam Box by Valve – a new competitor coming into the field trying to get your hard earned dollars. This is going to have a large impact on the existing console market as Steam currently holds the biggest singular game library on the market.  No matter how you break it down, our entertainment habits are likely to change in the next year.

Business Technology

Businesses should also be excited for a lot of new technology trending for 2014. 3D printing is going to make its biggest appearance to date in 2014. From creating prototypes to scale models or even manufacturing custom orders for clients, 3D printers are here to stay. This will cut research & development times in half for businesses as this technology becomes more readily available. Watch for 3D printing to trend big in 2014.

Advances in networking and infrastructure are allowing for new services to be used, and with the explosion of the Cloud and how it is used we are looking at a lot of new technology and services emerge. Personal Cloud and Hybrid Cloud solutions are becoming more practical and more effective than the “black or white” options of the previous year. Hybrid Cloud solutions will allow for the power and processing of servers onsite, while freeing up resources and giving companies piece of mind with some services and data backups being located in the Cloud offsite. Having a server onsite work in conjunction with the Cloud offsite is the next step for cloud computing and is going to become the must have solution for medium to large businesses.

Let’s not forget about the new types of computers these businesses will be looking at acquiring for their employees. Tablets don’t always offer the right solutions and laptops may be too bulky, so the biggest new technology trending will be convertibles. Think tablets that are laptops in disguise. There are already a few of these on the market, and as the technology becomes more popular there will be more and more, but these are not your grandfather’s tablets. They can be very powerful laptops in the form of a tablet allowing for maximum portability and performance.

Business technology trends in 2014 aren’t going to stop there. Mobile technology users may see another option with advancements in mobile operating systems. Canonical is the key player in this new field, bringing desktop functionality to a mobile device. I am very much looking forward to how this grows in the next year. Having a powerful smartphone that can be docked at your desk at the office and become your desktop is the absolute mobile solution. Pick up your phone when you leave work, dock it at home or use it on the road and all your information is synced. Configured to the right cloud solution, everything you need to run your business is at your fingertips all the time.

These are what I see as the biggest tech trends coming up in 2014. From the living room to the office and staying connected to all of it, we live in an exciting time. Maybe that hoverboard isn’t too far off!


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