The Top 10 Free Chrome Extensions to Step Up Your Browsing Game


1. Send to Kindle (by



Prefer reading articles snuggled up in bed on your Kindle? No problem! This nifty Chrome extension allows Kindle owners to push web content to their Kindle, so that you can read web content on your device. Simple, but handy!


Add it to Chrome, here.


2. OneNote Web Clipper



Microsoft OneNote users, rejoice! Now you can easily capture any webpage to OneNote, and edit, annotate, or share it from there!

Add it to chrome, here.

3. Screencastify

This is a super handy extension for people that are routinely doing tutorials, demos, and/or presentations. Screencastify is a screen video recorder that’s able to record all screen activity within a tab, including audio.

Videos recorded via Screencastify are downloaded as webm/vp8 files with ogg vorbis audio, and can be saved to disk to easily uploaded to Youtube or Google Drive, etc.

Get Screencastify in the Chrome Store now, here.

4. Boomerang for Google


Have you ever written an email late at night and had to save it as draft so that you could send it during normal working hours? This extension is for you! Boomerang is a tool that allows you to schedule messages to be sent or returned at a later date, lets you track messages, and schedule reminders right inside your Gmail.

Add it to Chrome now, here.


5. Rapportive


Rapportive is an awesome extension for avid Linkedin and social media users! Instead of searching for email contacts via Linkedin, you can see the person’s social media activity and profile links right inside your Gmail inbox!

Add Rapportive to Gmail here. 

6. Readism


If you’re looking for an easy productivity hack, look no further! Readism to the rescue. Readism is a tool that scans the webpage you’re on for articles and readable content, and then tells you how long it will take you to read it.

Go get Readism in the Google Chrome store, here.

7. StayFocusd


If you find yourself getting distracted by entertainment news sites, social media platforms, and silly cat videos when you should be working, this one’s for you! Stayfocusd is another productivity tool that limits the amount of time that you spend on time-wasting websites. You can block certain websites outright, at specific times, or when your max time has been exceeded!

Add it to your Chrome browser, here.

8. Buffer


If you use Buffer to manage your social media presence, the Buffer Chrome extension is a must! The extension allows you to easily share and schedule great curated content from anywhere on the web.

Add it to your Chrome browser, here.

9. Spoiler Shield


Yahoo News calls Spoiler Shield “..the one app you absolutely need to save you from TV spoilers”. So, it may not spike your productivity levels or make your work day easier, but I think any extension that protects me from finding out who was killed on Game of Thrones is worth installing!

Protect yourself now, install Spoiler Shield.

10. Momentum


We saved our favourite for last! Momentum is an extension that gives you a sense of calm and keeps you on track throughout the day. You can add a to do list that you can check off as you complete tasks, add your main focus for the day, and check out a new inspirational quote daily!

Add Momentum to your Chrome browser now, here.

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