The Disaster Recovery Preparation Checklist

As much as we wish it weren’t true, disasters are bound to happen. Whether caused by natural phenomena like earthquakes, human error or hardware failures, disasters can strike at any time. Creating a disaster recovery plan is key to protecting your company data and ensuring a quick return to business as usual:


  • Your business should organize a team to create a disaster recovery plan. In concert with one of our virtual Chief Information Officers (CIOs), we can work together to draft a plan that will be implemented the moment disaster strikes.
  • Identify the most likely and most serious threats to your company’s IT infrastructure, whether human error, hardware failure, fire, or some other event. Recovery actions may differ based on the event, so your disaster recovery plan should cover all bases.

  • If your business has experienced an outage or disaster before, review how the process was handled. Was everything handled satisfactorily or do improvements need to be made in the event of another event?
  • We can work with you to identify the most serious vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure or systems. Whether your database copies are out of date or there is insufficient backup power, we can find solutions.
  • Identify and rank the most critical IT components, from internet access to server power. This way, we can work at prioritizing the restoration of IT systems.
  • The plan should outline everyone’s role in the event of a disaster, include a hierarchy of critical functions.
  • Create a recovery task list. Each item on the task list should be assigned to a specific
  • Make sure all relevant documents are organized and kept in a safe location. Scan and create electronic copies of as many documents as possible, stored in secure cloud-based storage.
  • Coordinate with Grade A to create on-site and off-site backups of all of your vital company information and applications. We will protect your data offsite, so your information is safe in the event of a disaster.
  • Update and amend your disaster recovery plan on an add-needed

We will work with you to formulate a detailed and effective disaster recovery plan, ensuring your business continuity is minimally interrupted so you can swiftly recover from any disaster thrown your way.


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