The Advantages of Windows 10 for Business

Windows 10, heard of it?

Since its release on July 29th, 2015, Microsoft’s Windows 10 Operating System has become a staple for businesses worldwide. In fact, some have dubbed it the fastest adopted OS in  Microsoft history. Take a look at the numbers (Spiceworks, 2015):

  • 5% of businesses wanted to upgrade as soon as possible,
  • 35% within the first year of it becoming available, and
  • 33% of companies planned to migrate within the first 1-2 years.

However, if you haven’t migrated your business to Windows 10, you’re not alone. Migrating your business to a new operating system is a time consuming step that involves a lot of planning, resource allocation, and internal communications.

If you’re considering the move, these are the top three reasons that we think businesses can benefit from using Windows 10.

Enhance Productivity

There are a number of reasons you would want to move your business over to Windows 10.  With productivity-enhancing features such as multiple desktops; better search features; and an interactive web browser that allows you to –among other things – highlight content, make notes, and save and share your modifications you with co-workers or project collaborators, this operating system is designed to help you be more efficient in your digital life.  In addition to this, Windows 10 will be the same operating system that you use on your computer, laptop, tablet, and phone.  A unified platform makes it easier for you to switch from device to device, without having to learn different interfaces anymore.

Improve Security

It’s not just you and your users who will have access to better features that help enhance productivity.  Your IT Support staff will also have access to a new suite of tools that will help increase their productivity, and have access to better security!  There are security features built into Windows 10 that will greatly enhance the protection of your systems as users navigate the web, open emails, exchange files between devices, and perform their day-to-day tasks.  These new features mean less security compromises for the users, resulting in less user downtime.  In the event there is a system that gets infected with antivirus or malware, your IT Support have access to new and improved repair and deployment tools that allow them to fix the system, or roll out a custom image of Windows specific to your business needs in a snap!

Standardize Software

Finally, it’s important to mention that Microsoft has commented that this will be the last version of Windows.  Historically, a new version of Windows is released every few years.  The new version would be a unified operating system with everything built in.  If you wanted to take advantage of the new features, you would need to purchase the new version and upgrade away from the old one.  With Windows 10, the operating system has been designed so that core components can be updated, upgraded, and changed individually.  They have done this in an attempt to standardize their software so that these costly upgrades, and the downtime associated with it can be minimized.

To find out more about how this product can help your business, users, and IT Support staff, reach out to us today!

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