Protecting your Business Data

In conducting your daily business, you deal with a lot of sensitive information. From customer credit card numbers to personal information, financial records, and intellectual property, there is a lot of private data that you wouldn’t want to fall into the wrong hands. Unfortunately, digital thieves can target your business and attempt to steal this valuable information. Keep your business data safe with these steps:

Security Audit

The first step in protecting your business is to be aware of vulnerabilities in your security structure. We can audit your IT infrastructure and identify any weaknesses in your computer systems and network, which can possibly be susceptible to a security attack. Once identified, we can take measures to correct these weaknesses and protect the integrity of your IT infrastructure.

Staff Education

Human error is the main cause of security breaches as far as private data is concerned. To help, it is important that you educate your staff to stay vigilant and avoid slip-ups that can compromise your private business data. Remind employees, consultants, vendors, and anyone involved in the transmission of information to always be attentive and cautious at every stage of the process. From putting a password on mobile phones to not sharing confidential information with outsiders, educate your staff to do everything they can to minimize human error.

Stronger Passwords

A strong password is more than eight characters long, does not include your name, company name, or a dictionary word. It should contain a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Come up with a phrase that is easy to remember for you but unknown to anyone else, and then create an acronym or substitute symbols for letters. Reset passwords on a regular basis and use multiple passwords.

Create Back Ups

We can protect your business data with on-site and off-site backup services. Should your hardware be compromised by a security attack or virus, you could lose all your data. Creating a backup is the best insurance policy for protecting all of your valuable data.

Data Encryption

If data happens to be stolen or fall into the wrong hands, it could be bad news. If you have encrypted the data, however, they can’t access the cyphered information. Grade A encrypts all backup data and stores with the safe and secure onsite and offsite storage.

We will work with you to assess your current security status, identify weaknesses, and patch any vulnerabilities. Nothing is more important than keeping your business data safe and secure, and this is our priority.

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