IT Overhaul

Office 365 Migration
November 30, 2015
Live Migration
November 10, 2015

IT Overhaul

The client had hit a wall with their existing service provider. Their network was slow, they needed strategic support and didn’t feel like the current provider was able to handle their growing organization. Connectivity between all the offices was horrible and no real IT strategy was in place to move the organization forward.


Grade A initially performed an audit of the network to determine the solution and best fit service portfolio to meet their needs. After a few VCIO strategic meetings a project was initiated to consolidate their network into a main hub at a tier 3 datacenter with connectivity using Terminal Services to all staff. Grade A virtualized the server environment to keep costs low in the datacenter and create a simple and practical strategic IT plan.

Client Feedback

Grade A has streamlined our IT environment and continues to drive strategic thinking throughout our entire organization.” Chris A.