Microsoft’s New Product Line – The Surface Book

Recently, Microsoft made a big jump into the hardware game by introducing the Surface Book, their new laptop. Microsoft hopes to gain market share over Apple with the launch of this versatile and high-performance product. The twist with the Surface Book is that it’s not just a laptop, but a hybrid of a laptop and a tablet. It starts out as a laptop, but by pulling the two halves apart, you can create what Microsoft is calling a “clipboard.”

This exciting new product has been in development for several years. It was designed to give customers a powerful device with a sturdy keyboard that can also function as a tablet. We’ve had our hands on a Surface Book for a number of days now, and we believe it succeeds in its goal of being a dual-function laptop. Here are some of the reasons why:


First of all, the Surface Book is a powerful laptop with a full keyboard that allows for quick, natural typing. The display detaches very easily from the keyboard in order to become a light tablet that works just as well as any other tablet device. If you turn the screen around and attach it to the Surface Book, you can create a canvas. This allows you to use the device in a pen-first mode, which is great for the creative type.


The Surface Book we tried was a top of the line product that boasted 1TB of storage space, an Intel Core i7 processor, a 1GB GDDR5 graphics card and 16GB of RAM. We had no problem running any of our software on this device, and we even snuck in a few minutes to try out a few games with no problems. Windows 10 and the full suite of Microsoft Office products ran perfectly, along with the other Windows apps we tested out.

Battery Life

The Surface Book features a split battery, with about 75% of the power in the keyboard base and only 25% located in the tablet portion. As a result, we found that the battery life in laptop mode was substantially better than the battery life in clipboard mode. One of the drawbacks of being so light and slim is the effect it has on battery life. We don’t see this as too big of a concern though, as the primary use of this machine is as a laptop. The clipboard lasts around 4 hours on battery while in use while away from the keyboard dock. The laptop, in contrast, can last around half-day if it’s not used for intensive work.

Overall we are quite happy with this new product. It offers enough versatility and performance to warrant the price tag. Here is how the product stacks up against the leading competitors: CHART: Here’s how the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book compare to the competition. If your Ottawa small business is ready to upgrade to the latest in laptop or tablet hardware, talk to Grade A to find out more.

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