Microsoft’s Best Kept Secret: OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is possibly the greatest note taking software we’ve seen on the market. The best part? You probably already have it installed on your computer (and you might not even realize it). The robust note-taker is included with Office 365, and can save you some serious time and stress when it comes to getting organized. OneNote is a great tool for business (organizing client notes, projects or research), but don’t be afraid to use this at home too (for planning trips, household tasks etc.).

OneNote is organized like a paper notebook. Instead of creating separate documents for notes in Microsoft Word and saving them to My Documents, you can keep everything in one place for extreme efficiency – at least until you’re ready to put together that glossy final document. You can create sections (great for client notes, departments or topics), and within those sections you can create pages and subpages. Some of our favourite features include:


  • Link notes to original documents

    Microsoft OneNote Screenshot
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  • Create and assign outlook tasks to yourself or other contacts
  • Link meetings from your Outlook calendar
  • Organize with tables (and convert tables to excel spreadsheets)
  • Create checklists & to do lists with tags
  • Sync across devices using SkyDrive (this also allows anyone with access to the notebook to edit pages at the same time in a browser)
  • Clip from the web (including screenshots & links)
  • Handwrite notes from your tablet with a stylus (for those of you who love putting “pen to paper”)

At Grade A, OneNote is often a tool of choice to keep our notes organized. It’s an app that saves us lots of time – we never have to go digging for documents because they are all in one place. Do you use OneNote for business? What do you like (or dislike) about this software?

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