Is HaaS the Answer to Your Operational Woes?

What is HaaS?

Hardware as a Service, HaaS for short, is becoming an increasingly popular resource for businesses large and small. As implied by its name, hardware is provided to a business, and it is installed, configured and maintained by a third-party team called a managed services provider. HaaS is of value for organizations that lack the internal skills, resources and IT personnel to ensure that they are constantly maintaining and upgrading their hardware. Examples of hardware include servers, computers, monitors, keyboards, tablets, phones, and all physical tech items which support software.

The Benefits of HaaS

As with many managed services, HaaS comes with a wealth of benefits both in terms of capital investment and operations. Think of it as paying on a per month basis to lease your technology, without having to worry about how to invest, when to upgrade, or how to make major repairs. Check out some of the biggest impacts that HaaS can have on your operations below.

Reduce Capital Expenditure

Working with a team of experts to procure, deploy and maintain your hardware under a consistent recurring cost is much more efficient than the extensive capital expenditure that is required to maintain hardware using internal resources.

Be on the Cutting Edge

Your managed services provider is, most likely, a group that is glued to tech news sites and is constantly keeping on eye out for new releases and upgrades that will benefit your business. Unless someone on your internal team is committed to staying on the forefront of technology, and your budget is committed to the same, HaaS will be a game changer.

Improve Maintenance

Relying on internal IT resources to repair and maintain an entire organization worth of hardware, when they are already being pulled in numerous other directions, is difficult to pull off. A HaaS agreement will outfit your organization with an entire team of dedicated individuals who are experts in the maintenance and installation of hardware systems. Leave it to the experts,

Make Scaling a Reality

The thought of scaling your business can become daunting when you consider what will need to be done to extend and replace your current hardware systems. Luckily, HaaS agreements are built to scale, leaving you time to focus on scaling your other resources while your hardware is kept-up seamlessly.

Stay Secure

In the current cyber security landscape, what matters most to business decision-makers in the procurement process for hardware isn’t efficiency or functionality—it’s security. With the vast amount of hardware brands available on the market, each with different security features, it is a massive undertaking to set up your organization on hardware systems that are fully secured. A HaaS agreement is held to a very high security standard, and working with the experts will ensure that your data is never sacrificed in the process.

How to Make the Transition

Work with an IT partner you can trust to plan and deploy your HaaS agreement. At Grade A, we have nearly two decades of experience helping businesses across Canada stay secure and on the cutting edge of the technology market. Contact us today for a technology assessment, or to discuss our range of HaaS offerings.

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