Inside Canada’s First 5G Equipped Campus at UBC

On November 5th, Rogers announced that it has launched Canada’s first smart campus using 5G technology in collaboration with Swedish telecom firm Ericsson. The University of British Columbia’s Point Grey campus in Vancouver is now outfitted with a series of 5G towers and a data centre for researchers to test 5G applications.

 “With 5G at our doorstep, we’re focused on bringing together Canada’s brightest minds to research, incubate and commercialize applications that will transform the way we live and work,” Jorge Fernandes, Chief Technology Officer at Rogers, said in a statement. “Our work with UBC is helping design and test Canada’s 5G blueprint and today’s announcement is a critical milestone as we prepare our national network for commercial deployment in 2020.”

In 2018, a multi-million dollar partnership between Rogers and UBC was announced, with the goal of funding academic research into 5G applications designed to meet Canada’s vision for the future. Researchers on campus will be leveraging the new 5G network to advance projects in earthquake and tsunami detection, machine learning, autonomous trucks, and mining. Beyond this, they will be developing 5G Mobility as a Service (Maas), a platform aimed at connecting transit, bike rental, car sharing and other transportation options with consumers.

5G is predicted to connect 500 times the number of devices compared to 4G, the current standard. This will involve the installation of thousands of small cell 5G cell towers in every city, beginning with Canada’s largest urban centers Toronto and Montreal. The current global leader in 5G is Beijing, with 13,000 5G towers turned on for phone users just last month.

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