How Will Your Business Benefit From 5G?

The advent of 5G is upon us. The tech world has been buzzing about the new generation of cellular network technology for what feels like an eternity now, idolizing all that it has to offer. You’ve probably caught on to some of this mania if you keep up with the tech world—even from a distance. But the promises of what 5G will do for business are less raved about than the benefits for end-consumers. If you’re a business owner, they are worth knowing about. Based on our experience as a leader in the IT space, there are five critical advantages that we expect our clients to reap when 5G becomes mainstream.

What exactly is 5G?

First, some basics. 5G is the fifth generation of mobile networks, promising better speed and lower latency than previous generations. It is anticipated that 5G will usher in a new economy where everything is connected, processed and digitized.  According to Qualcomm, it’s expected to create 22 million new jobs and contribute a $12.3 Trillion economic benefit across the globe by 2035.

What will it do for my business?

Faster and Better Communications  

5G will introduce higher speeds and minimal latency across networks. As a result, call centres and business communications will benefit through higher quality audio, fewer dropped or missed calls, and the ability to easily field lots of contacts.

Increased IoT Capabilities

5G networks will increase the connectivity between devices, enabling device-to-device communications for up to a million devices per square kilometer. This will allow businesses to harness the power of the Internet of Things, which requires better connectivity than what 4G networks can offer.

Bridging the Skills Gap

5G will also significantly benefit small businesses is by improving recruitment processes, helping business owners recruit the right talent to help take their businesses forward, due to its advances in video and remote technology. 5G removes recruitment barriers, enabling businesses to identify, interview, shortlist and recruit the best talent on a global scale.

Cost Savings

5G is anticipated to extend the battery life of devices like laptops by up to ten times. As such, businesses will see cost savings from reducing the amount of hardware and IT infrastructure needed. This signals a shift from a hardware-based economy to one that relies primarily on software and systems. These types of environments relieve businesses of some of the expenses associated with IT maintenance and monitoring. Savings from reduced administration and other processes can filter throughout the enterprise and ultimately contribute to the bottom line.

Smoother Commutes

All vehicles in today’s transport system, whether on rail or road, are essentially mobile computers, processing tons of data in real time. These vehicles will increasingly become connected to the 5G fabric. It will be passengers who notice the benefits of 5G most as it is rolled out across transport systems in Canada over the coming years, making commutes to worth smoother and faster.

Start Planning

Unfortunately, the journey to 5G isn’t going to happen overnight. 5G deployment will be a gradual process and it will co-exist with current 4G networks. In terms of preparation, any new IT project should ensure systems are forward-compatible and can transition to 5G as it becomes available in Canada.

For guidance in this process, contact Grade A for a strategic assessment of your IT environment.  

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