How to Successfully Implement New Software

Businesses update their software to replace outdated systems and to modernize supporting IT resources. They also implement new systems in hopes of benefitting from internal efficiencies through added features and better workflow. The problem is some companies rush their implementation and wind up costing their business a lot of money. Follow these four software implementation suggestions, and you’ll have a smooth transition:

Define Your Needs

You must clearly define your needs and understand the specific tools required to meet those needs. Only then will you be able to select and purchase the software that best suits your business.

Take Your Time with Implementation

A rushed deployment of new software is often times, not a successful one. When it comes to deploying a new system, patience is key. If you hurry into implementation too quickly, your end users may not have enough time to develop the skills required to use the software effectively. Take an incremental approach to implementing software solutions. Make a list identifying business problems and, rather than expecting to solve every business problem all at once, try to prioritize specific outcomes you want to achieve. When you have solved the first issue, move on to the next one until you have incrementally solved all the problems on the list.

Get Buy-In From End Users

Even the best software tools are ineffective if they’re not properly utilized. Forcing your employees to use newly purchased software without informing them or hearing their thoughts beforehand is a big mistake. Instead of telling employees they have to use something, first focus on highlighting the benefits of the new software. Help employees understand why they’ll want to use it, and convince them by showing them what they stand to gain from the new technology.

Take Time to Train Your Staff

New software can be complex and require a lot of training in order for users to make the most of them. If users lack the skills necessary to operate the software, then bottlenecks can occur. The product may be left dormant for long periods of time as users wait for experienced IT staff to resolve problems. Of course this time can be cut down with the help of a quality Ottawa IT company like Grade A. Spend wisely on providing ongoing training, so that users really understand how to use the system. Consider providing online training videos that enable users to learn more about the new system at their own pace.


There are several ways to make sure your business implements new software successfully. If you are looking for help, an Ottawa IT company like Grade A can help put together an implementation plan to fit your companies’ needs.

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