How to Make Your Employees A+ Digital Citizens

With industries across all sectors becoming inherently more digital, organizations are lacking the resources or knowledge to provide up-to-date digital and cyber security training for employees. In fact, only 40 per cent of Canadian workers receive any digital training from their employers (CIRA, 2019). In a cybersecurity landscape where data breaches, malware, and hacks are more common than ever, this trend presents a handful of risks.

We get it, software updates and security patches happen without your knowledge almost every day. It can feel impossible to keep up with the necessary knowledge to keep your employees informed. However, this is a critical time for your organization to ensure that digital awareness is top of mind for all employees, whether they are key decision makers or not. Take it from us: The time is now to start prioritizing digital citizenship and cybersecurity training as a best practice for keeping your business running.

Keep reading for our top tips on how to encourage and engage employees to improve their digital citizenship.

Make it Personal

Employees are your first line of defense when it comes to avoiding cyber attacks. Make them feel valued by implementing a one-on-one approach to learning. If possible, try to make your training content personal to each role, so that employees don’t feel as if they’re being lectured or fed repetitive information. Start the cycle of training by having each employee sit down with a leader to discuss their previous experience with digital practices, what they’d like to learn, and what next steps to take.

Make it Mandatory

Integrate digital security training into your on-boarding process for all new employees, which will not only kick start their learning, but will demonstrate just how much your company values secure digital practices. By making this training mandatory for all employees, you will instantly feel changes to your organization’s culture and the way employees approach cybersecurity.

Make it a Routine

Learning shouldn’t end after an employee is fully on-boarded. Make a routine out of digital training and give employees milestones to reach for each quarter. Not only will this keep them learning, but it will keep them engaged by integrating motivational new goals into their performance reviews.

Make it Easy

Your employees shouldn’t have to jump hurdles or navigate complex information to access their training. Consider more unique formats for training such as live presentations, video sessions, group meetings, chat platforms, or informational websites. Send all login and access information directly to the employee, and ensure that they have accessible contacts both in-person and online to approach with any questions or concerns.

Make it Communicative and Collaborative

Dedicate a high-priority channel for alerts to go out to employees. Consider delegating roles or creating a small “threat response” communication team that works alongside your IT provider or IT department to communicate important cybersecurity updates with other employees. This will give employees an opportunity to go above-and-beyond, and show their dedication to digital citizenship within your organization.

Celebrate Achievements

When an employee identifies a threat before it turns into a problem, send out a company-wide memo to showcase their achievement. Demonstrating how training has helped the company with real-time examples will undoubtedly encourage further learning. Use gamification tactics to make them feel excited, recognized and appreciated for their security training achievements. Things like prizes and shout-outs make a world of difference when it comes to showing employees how you value their improvements.

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