Grade A’s Picks: Technology That Shaped the Decade

Dating apps, virtual reality, and automated cars—oh my!

As the decade is comes to a close today, we’re taking some time to reflect on the best tech innovations that helped shape the 2010s. This is no easy feat, seeing as the last decade was arguably the most innovative yet. Check out the Grade A team’s top picks below, and let us know what technology changed the game for you in the last 10 years!

Quantum Computing

Although the first quantum computer was invented back in the 1980s, the last ten years have pushed quantum computing into a new age. Earlier this year, Google achieved ‘Quantum Supremacy’ when they solved a complex equation using a quantum computer in just 200 seconds.

Voice assistants

Hey Google! Hey Siri! Alexa! The last decade has brought many new friends into our lives, some notably less human than others. Voice assistants built by tech’s biggest players have found their way into our homes—for better or for worse.

Virtual reality

According to Dan, our Service Desk Manager: “We’re just scratching the surface of what this technology is capable of. We’ll be seeing people attending concerts or sharing a theatre from all over the world from their own living rooms. The technology will make face to face meetings with collaboration tools something that can happen from your office.”

Video Chat Apps  

According to Jess, our Project Manager, video chat platforms such as Facetime and Teams have changed the game. “It brings people closer from afar!”

Dating Apps

How could we forget about Tinder? Dating apps have completely changed the way that younger generations meet each other, hang out, and date. Although Tinder was the catalyst for this, there are now a handful of apps tailored for people to meet based on a range of preferences. So much for meeting your soulmate at the coffee shop, huh?


It’s hard to believe that Instagram has only been a part of our culture for less than a decade. The photo-sharing platform has entirely transformed the way that we view the world, with some

4G Networks

4G already feels like a thing of the past since 5G networks have been a hot topic for several years now. But we can’t forget all of the realities that were made possible with the introduction of 4G networks in Canada. The speed at which we’re able to communicate now would not be possible without it.

IBM Watson

AI is another obvious one. Of course, AI was invented decades ago. However, similar to quantum computing, the last decade has catapulted it into a new age. One of the biggest AI milestones of the decade was when IBM’s Watson was featured on a 2010 episode of Jeopardy, and managed to beat out all human contestants by a mile.

Automated cars

Last, but certainly not least, are the innovations that have transformed the car industry over the last decade. Everything from assisted parking, to electric pickup trucks, to backup cameras are innovations that would have been unheard of a decade ago.

If this is what we can achieve in just 10 years, where will we be at this time in 2029?

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