Grade A Timeline


  • Grade A is Born!

    Four crazy university students, Mathieu Bouchard, Allan Ghosn, Christian Ste-Marie, and Mathew Lafrance, set out to provide at-home computer service to the Ottawa area as   random_0037

  • Oz

    The Australia branch opens their doors, offering the same great service on the other side of the globe.   oz_large

  • Smash-O-Thon

    Grade A launches the Smash-O-Thon, a charity event that gave people the opportunity to pick their favourite weapon and destroy their most hated piece of technology. smash_0391-1455smash_0452-1258

  • Newsworthy

    The Ottawa Citizen features Grade A as a "business to watch", and the phone rings off the hook for support.   gradeanews

  • First Office

    The team moves into their first office at 2720 Queensview, and begins their efforts to paint the town orange.   new-office_1721

  • Ace is Born

    Grade A debuts their new mascot, Ace, around town, and continues to grow like mad.   dcp_3340100_0500

  • The Bus

    A giant, branded bus shows up at Ottawa’s events, handing out hot dogs and flyers, and continues to spread the Grade A message.   dabus_0235

  • T Dot

    Grade A opens its doors in Toronto and begins world domination.  


    The corporate division open its doors, and starts developing the service that we offer today.   solutions

  • New Brand

    Grade A unifies its offerings under one brand,, and continues to grow.   grade-a-techs-logo

  • Expansion

    The team expands operations to Montreal, continuing growth across Canada.  

  • New Cars

    Grade A imports Scions and decorates them with their signature brand.  

  • More Growth

    The team opens its doors in Kingston and trains its first set of franchisees.

  • World Domination

    Two new offices open in Portugal and Florida, continuing world domination.   world-domination

  • New Office

    The team buys their first office and moves into 21 Antares to expand their space.

  • Growth

    With their nose to the grindstone, the team focused and grew at a rate unheard of for any other managed service provider.    

  • Residential Departure

    As the corporate services grew, Grade A sold their residential services to Christian Ste-Marie, owner of Keep Connected, and handed back the keys to the franchisees who wanted to continue to operate.   logo

  • Industry Leader

    The team is awarded the MSP Mentor 250 for being one of the world's top managed service providers. msp-mentor

  • New Digs

    Having outgrown the previous office, the team moves into 8,000 square feet of awesome at 1701 Woodward Drive.


  • Big Birthday

    Grade A celebrates its 10 year anniversary with a bang.   dsc_3512

  • New Brand Part 2

    Once again Grade A updates its brand to Grade A, dropping the word “tech” for a more sleek, stylish look.   gat-logo-tag-2col-rgb

  • Award Time

    Grade A wins Ottawa’s Employees’ Choice Award for 2013–2014 and celebrates with a night out at the ceremony.  

  • New Home

    The team purchases a new office with 15,000 square feet to expand into. The construction begins.  

  • The Final Move?

    The team moves into their new home, armed with Nerf guns, a pool and foosball table, and a great LAN party space.  

  • 10 Year Superheroes Wall Installed

    Grade A's first staff of over 10 years are celebrated and commemorated with caricatures as Ice Man (Adam Crate) and Ant Man (Kevin White) for the new Hall of Heroes.

  • Employees Choice Round 2

    The team is awarded Ottawa’s Employees’ Choice Award for 2015–2016, recognizing their continual effort in making an extraordinary work environment.   obj