Google Glasses – Device of the future or danger?

Google Glass

We’ve been following Google’s latest product for a while now at Grade A and are very interested to see how this ends up in reality.

Picture a set of glasses with a small screen inserted in the top right part of your range of vision. You can speak to the device to control it for basic actions like recording what you see in your field of view, take pictures or surf the web. Google’s vision is everyone would wear these to help improve their day to day lives and compute in a less distracting way.

Not to sound pessimistic but I think Google may need to invent a Google helmet alongside this device. The amount of people who will be distracted while walking or driving will be insane. And imagine how annoying it will when you’re talking to someone and they are watching TV without you even knowing.

I love Google for their forward thinking and I really do think this device could help as a tool for certain work environments but you’ll be hard pressed to find me wearing glasses all day. I had laser eye surgery to get rid of them 🙂

The following video gives you a glamorized example of the devices in action. Pretty cool, but I have trouble focusing  just watching the video itself:

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