Google dropping ActiveSync

This is the first in many waves of battles between Google and Microsoft to control your email account. Email is the entry point for these organizations to get you on their Cloud platforms. Its the free candy to lure you into their shop. Once they have you, they are hoping you sign up for their suite of services.

ActiveSync is the protocol which allows your mobile devices to connect to your corporate Exchange email server or Google’s Gmail services. So if Google no longer supports ActiveSync one of two things could happen:

  1. Your nice new Google mobile device will not be able to connect to a Microsoft Exchange Server
  2. Your Gmail account won’t easily sync to a non-Google mobile device

I have no doubt an application will come in to circumvent any issues, however at the cost to the end consumer. One thing to always keep in mind is many of these technologies are offered free at a huge cost to the service provider. If they can’t recoup their costs with advertising dollars or additional service revenues the service disappears. Google is notorious for this. Take a look at the Google graveyard to see all the applications that launched and flopped:

The old adage still holds true, you always get what you pay for.

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