6 Super Cool Desk Gadgets For People That Work at a Computer all day Long!

Let’s face it, the world is becoming more and more dependent on technology for day-to-day activities, but that doesn’t make the aches and pains of a stiff neck, or glaring at a computer screen for hours any easier, am I right?

At Grade A, we spend a TON of time facing computers, on AND off the clock, and here are a few of our very favourite gadgets to stay comfy!

1. Balcony Desk

Just because your work is done on a computer doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some breezy weather! We love this neat design by Yanko Design, that hooks onto your balcony or railing so you can enjoy the great outdoors while getting stuff done.

via Yanko Design

2. Fuut Desk Foot Rest

We all have a weird position that we like to get comfortable in while working hard, but sometimes, said position results in cramps and your toes falling asleep! We love this foot hammock that allows you to stretch out and kick back with getting the zone.

via Oh Gizmo

3. Desktop Coffee Warmer

One of the best parts of the work day is grabbing a cup of coffee and enjoying those first warm, delicious sips. If only that warm mug could last all day long. OH WAIT, it absolutely CAN! We have one of these cup warmers sitting on our desk as we type, and the only thing we dislike about it is how long it took us to actually buy one. Go get it!

via Amazon

4. USB Thermoelectric Cooler and Warmer

On the flip side, looking for a way to keep your drink cool and refreshing? We’ve got you there too! Check out this adorable mini USB cooler that you can use to store your precious LaCroix sparkling water until break time!

via ThinkGeek

5. Desktop Edition Games

Wish you were out golfing instead of stuck inside at the office? Get those fingers ready to work on your swing WITHOUT leaving your desk! We love this desktop games package, which includes golf, bowling, and pool from Think Geek.

via ThinkGeek

6.  Fred DINE INK pen utensils

Alright, we’ll admit, this one is a little weird, but it’s so functional! This set of pens double as a fork, spoon, and knife, so you can get your snack on while taking notes! Plus, it’s just a fun conversation piece for your cubicle.

via Amazon


Feeling comfy? Great! Let us help make your work day go EVEN smoother with our managed IT support! Get in touch now for a personalized quote for your business! 

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