Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Wi-Fi?

Are you having trouble with your office’s Wi-Fi performance? Are you expecting faster connection speeds, higher capacity and greater range but just aren’t getting it? There are ways to improve your Wi-Fi connection on your own simply by placing your router in an optimized spot and by tinkering with the configurations. Here are some tips you can apply to get the best Wi-Fi connection possible:

Re-locating your Device

Having your Wi-Fi device on your desk or on the floor doesn’t allow it to perform optimally. In order to get the best signal strength possible, the antennas on the router need to be up as high as possible, in the centre of your desired broadcast area. You also want to make sure that your device isn’t receiving interference from nearby wireless networks. You should consider mounting your Wi-Fi device up high on a wall, in the middle of your office space, away from any nearby networks.

Making use of the 5 GHz Band

Most routers broadcast on the 2.4GHz band. If your router is a newer model that supports 802.11n, it should have a dual-band operation feature. This lets your router broadcast Wi-Fi networks in both 2.4 and 5GHz bands. Without going into the technical aspects too much, 5GHz provides a higher throughput that 2.4, giving you faster performance at the cost of a somewhat smaller broadcast range. The 5GHz is more resistant to interference as well, making it ideal for offices with many connections at once. In order to set the 5GHz band on your device, you need to login to the admin console. To learn how to make use of the 5GHz band on your device, you should read your device’s operations manual.

Upgrade your Router

Technology is constantly evolving, so if your device is more than a couple years old, it may simply be time to buy some new Wi-Fi hardware. New routers are being released that make use of 802.11ac technology. These devices offer simultaneous dual-band operation with better throughput and range then 802.11n. 802.11ac devices are able to handle backward-compatibility better than previous models, so older devices have an easier time accessing the network.

If you are looking for advice or help setting up an optimal Wi-Fi network in your office, you should contact the IT solutions experts at Grade A. Our friendly and knowledgable IT pros will give your office an optimal wireless setup and we offer 24/7 access to IT support if any issues do arise.


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