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Updated 04-15-2020

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Continuing Operations in the Face of Vulnerabilities and Security Threats

Article by John Stephens, Luminant Digital Security If you pay attention to anything in the news, you may have recently heard about the vulnerability code named “PrintNightmare.”   PrintNightmare is a vulnerability in the process on Microsoft systems responsible for printing, and it’s present in nearly every version of Windows. This vulnerability gained a little more news coverage because of its severity and because an

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The Advantages of Working with an MSP

The entire landscape of an MSP has evolved entirely over the years. IT service providers first started as companies that provided technicians to go on site as requested to fix a few quick repairs or install new equipment. While this still exists today many IT companies have grown to deliver more strategic services.   If

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Getting Started with Zero Trust as an SMB

Article by Karl Middlebrooks One of the challenging issues of security today is understanding all the terminology and jargon that comes and goes. If you’re trying to keep up on cybersecurity, it can be tough to know what terms mean – and what they mean for you.   These days, you may be seeing a lot about Zero Trust which sounds reminiscent of the X-Files “Trust No

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