An Introduction to Quickbooks’ Cloud/Desktop Hybrid App

QuickBooks is the #1 accounting solution for small businesses in Canada. Though it originally functioned as native desktop software in the 1990s, QuickBooks Online was launched in 2000 to capitalize on the connectivity features of a browser-based platform. However, the move to cloud servers sacrificed speed and advanced options such as keyboard shortcuts that made the process easier for heavy users of the accounting software. QuickBooks has addressed these issues with the release of an innovative hybrid app for Mac and Windows.

As Pedro Hernandez of explains, QuickBooks’ maker Intuit “saw an opportunity to blend the massive real-time number-crunching capabilities of its cloud accounting platform with the productivity-boosting benefits of a Windows application.” Even the best cloud servers and fastest internet connections cannot compete with the speed and utility of a native app, but the hybrid approach ensures QuickBooks users get the best of both worlds.

What You Can Expect

QuickBooks apps combine the power and convenience of QuickBooks Online with the speed and performance of desktop software. The app has everything you need in one place: track incoming payments and expenses, calculate estimates, create professional invoices, manage client accounts, collaborate across departments or with your accountant, deploy multiple workflows, and much more. Access your economic data from anywhere at any time on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

High-Performance Features

QuickBooks’ hybrid apps include the following new-and-improved features:

  • One-click login for easy access, straight from your desktop
  • Smooth and responsive performance when loading data and switching between companies
  • Faster page load times
  • Convenient and intuitive keyboard shortcuts on both Mac and Windows
  • Simplified multitasking with drag and drop screens and automatic refreshing
  • Full-featured toolbars and menus
  • State-of-the-art data security
  • Multi-device performance with automatic data syncs.

Keyboard Shortcuts

One of the best new features is the ability to use keyboard shortcuts. Memorizing the most important ones can cut down a lot of time. Use the following keyboard shortcuts to quickly go to:

Customers Page Alt+C

Vendors Page Alt+V

Employees Page Alt+E

Banking Page Alt+B
Sales Transaction Page Alt+S

Expenses Page Alt+X

Chart of Accounts Page Alt+A

Manage Users Alt+U

Payroll Tax Alt+Y

Product & Services Alt+P

Sales Tax Alt+T

Recurring Transactions Alt+R

Create Invoice Alt+I

The app is available now as a free download from the QuickBooks website. It is completely free for users with an existing subscription, while new users will be able to use a 30-day free trial with no credit card requirement.

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