Why Your Business Needs Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

In 2020, your business should be actively working at improving the prevention and detection of cyber attacks within your network. It’s simple: Hackers are finding smarter and more sophisticated ways of exploiting systems each day, and your cyber security strategy is falling behind if you aren’t also finding smarter and more sophisticated ways of protecting your IT environment.

Canada was a prime target for cyber attacks in 2019, with the third most incidents in the world reported over the last year. Back in 2017, more than half of Canadian businesses impacted by cyber crime reported that these incidents prevented employees from carrying out day-to-day work, and 30 per cent experienced additional recovery costs.

Advanced threat protection, or ATP, is a type of cyber security tool that allows your business to defend itself against today’s sophisticated cyber criminals and what are categorized as “advanced threats”. When an environment isn’t properly filtered and protected, hackers can easily take advantage of vulnerabilities in your network in order to exploit people and systems. An advanced threat occurs when a device or user is strategically targeted, and an attack is customized to exploit that specific resource. The hacker may be studying a user’s downloads, browsing habits, and more to pinpoint a vulnerability. ATP tools notify your business of attacks that have occurred, the severity of the attack, and the response that was automatically initiated to stop the threat in its tracks.

ATP software, such as Microsoft’s Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection, provides cloud-based filtering that protects your organization against undetected malware and viruses by providing real-time, 360-degree network protection. Most ATP tools work by managing two key priorities within your network: real-time visibility and context (Digital Guardian).

Real-time visibility – ATP gives your business real-time insight into the threats faced by your network, which avoids the disastrous outcomes that take place when a threat is detected too late. Tools like dashboards and push notifications help build this real-time visibility. Additionally, ATP services pull from the insights of a global network of security professionals who monitor, track, and share information about identified threats. This type of insight isn’t easy to find online, in a current and up-to-date manner.

Context – ATP tools dissect enterprise data in order to provide the necessary context that allows IT and cyber security administrators to effectively prioritize threats and initiate responses.Often, these threats are not black and white, and require some uncovering of information to clarify exactly what is happening, and what is at risk.

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