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In 2002, four friends, Mathew Lafrance, Allan Ghosn, Christian Ste-Marie, and Mathieu Bouchard set out to provide at-home computer service to the Ottawa community, focusing on outstanding customer service.

Today, we’ve become a nationwide market leader for managed IT services, Cloud and Security solutions and complete office technology management.

Our mission is to transform your technology investments into a competitive advantage for your organization through a strategic process that guides our teams and manages your budget.

What We’ve Stood For Since 2002.

Employee Focused

Our staffs’ happiness is directly correlated to your level of customer service. We keep them engaged and foster an amazing, inclusive corporate culture.

Professional & Proactive

We focus on metrics to know how we’re doing. We apply proper planning and monitoring to help prevent issues before they happen.

Trusted Advisor

Everything we do is to protect our clients and maintain the most important part of any relationship, their trust.

Technology Savvy

Our job is to be at the forefront of technology to help our clients adopt the right technology in the right way.

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We love our clients

Why We Should Work Together

We Care. Really!

From the owners and leadership team, to the staff, every person in the organization values your business and your team. We are all dedicated in understanding how we can best serve you and appreciate the opportunity.

Strategic Support

We operate a little differently around here. We don’t have sales people. Each client works with a Virtual CIO, experienced in IT management, who starts by understanding the business’ needs and creates a strategic plan that guides the whole experience.

World-class Solutions

Our team works with each client to develop a customized solution to meet their specific needs. Whether you need a network upgrade, a highly available server cluster, or want to move to the cloud, Grade A has you covered.

Metrics Driven

Numbers don’t lie and we use them to improve!

  • 15 second average response time
  • 98% client satisfaction rating
  • Over 500,000 service calls
  • Averaging 35% IT cost reduction for new clients

We provide dashboard and reports that make our most curious clients happy.

Amazing Service

We focus on our corporate culture, provide great training opportunities for our team and have the lowest turnover in the industry. This creates exceptionally dedicated staff to provide you the best of support.

Dedicated Teams

No matter how large our organization becomes we believe it is paramount that you experience personalized service. We dedicate smaller groups to specific clients to ensure everyone involved understands your strategy and needs.