We are Grade A

Equip your team with the best IT solutions

What we do

We are more than a managed services provider – we are your technology partners with a relentless drive to help your business achieve greater efficiency, productivity, and to maintain a competitive edge.

Our origin story

Grade A was founded in 2002 by four tech nerds, Mathew Lafrance, Allan Ghosn, Christian Ste-Marie, and Mathieu Bouchard. Together they set out to provide at-home computer services to the Ottawa community.

Fueled by outstanding customer service and a passion for innovative technology, Grade A evolved into one of Canada’s leading IT firms providing end-to-end IT solutions for businesses.

Grade A is Born!

Four crazy university students, Mathieu Bouchard, Allan Ghosn, Christian Ste-Marie, and Mathew Lafrance, set out to provide at-home computer service to the Ottawa area as gradeastudent.com

Residential Departure

As the corporate services grew, Grade A sold their residential services to Christian Ste-Marie, owner of Keep Connected, and handed back the keys to the franchisees who wanted to continue to operate.

Grade A Solutions

The corporate division open its doors, and starts developing the service that we offer today.

16 Years!

Grade A was excited to celebrate its 16th year in business.

The Grade A Oath

From our team to yours – this is the Grade A Oath.

We solemnly dedicate ourselves to protecting your environments, your staff, and working conditions to the best of our abilities.

We will always act proactively, ensuring security and data are monitored and protected at all times, and bring any concerns to our team’s attention.

We shall always act professionally in all our discourses, both with your team and our colleagues, emphasizing friendliness, cooperation, and patience.

We will keep all of your information confidential and avoid any situation that may create a conflict of interest.

We pledge to only promote or provide a solution or support that is entirely in your best interest, regardless of the financial gains.

We will always provide service, according to our ability and judgment, and seek counsel before attempting any service that may put you or Grade A at risk.

We shall remain competent in IT services through a lifelong commitment to continuing education and always provide unbiased knowledge to our colleagues in a positive way.

We will commit ourselves to upholding the Grade A Code of Ethics through example and education.

We accept our obligations to practice our profession conscientiously and with sensitivity to your needs.

Why choose Grade A?

For over 17 years, we have equipped businesses with the tools and solutions to gain every competitive advantage they can.

We’ll drive innovation in your business through integrated solutions across a wide range of technologies and services. It’s not enough to simply solve today’s IT challenges – we help you anticipate what’s to come months and years from now so you can prepare for a better tomorrow.

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