Customer Service and STEM – Meet Sulekha

From dominating in Hollywood and the music industry, to mastering the STEM fields, more and more women are stepping into, and making their mark in the workforce, disrupting an outdated status quo.

Studies show that the proper inclusion of women in the workforce can add up to $12 trillion to the global annual GDP by 2025. Governments are also catching on, seeking out ways to address gender gap concerns and utilize the unique expertise and proficiency of women.

The release of the Hollywood film ‘Hidden Figures’, was followed by the launch of ‘Hidden No More,’ an initiative by the US government to recognize the efforts of influential women.

Similarly, in the UK, only 24% of the STEM roles are currently held by women, and the government is aiming to employ as much as 1 million women in crucial STEM roles by 2020.

Sulekha Mohamud is evidence of women breaking these stereotypes and fighting societal biases. She has been a part of the tech industry for 16 years and has worked with multinational companies like Bell Sympatico, Alcatel-Lucent (Nokia) and is currently employed with Grade A.

A graduate from the Computer Networking Specialist program at Algonquin College, Sulekha has successfully adapted her skill set by combining her love for technology and customer service and by working on the front lines of tech companies.

Societal expectations steer young girls away from choosing STEM early in their lives, and this is why leaders from multinational organizations are partnering with educators and launched educational strategies aimed at convincing more girls to consider careers in the STEM fields. Women like Mohamud are encouraging all women to pursue their STEM dreams, “There are so many departments and specialties that might fit your creative thinking.”

According to Sulekha, the tech industry is very diverse and recognizes people for their talent rather than their gender, background or ethnicity. “I never felt or was made to feel different in this industry. Everyone is welcomed.” She says.

Companies that have taken the charge against gender inequality have seen significant growth and innovation as a result of the input of women. Sulekha, who is currently employed as a Customer Service Representative at Grade A says, “I was fortunate to find a company that combined my love for technology and being family-orientated as much as Grade A has. I hope to be working here for years to come.”

Supportive management and tolerant co-workers ensure productivity. As more and more companies realize what women offer to the STEM fields, we progress as a society. The addition of women in STEM serves as an answer to gender disparity as well as to the assured continuation of the world and science!

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